Parents under Pressure

Children need to feel safe and loved by those around them. Parents, family and community can make this happen.

But sometimes things get in the way when parents feel under pressure.

Sometimes adults forget their children need to be noticed. 

Family arguments can leave people feeling angry and upset.

This can leave children feeling unsafe and alone, even though their parents, uncles and aunties and other people are around.

These three Parents under Pressure animations are stories that show how children are affected by what we do.

The first animation shows how we can make children feel safe and loved by staying in control of our emotions. 

The second story shows how we can protect children by having control of our emotions and maintaining clear boundaries with those around us.

The third story shows how we can make children feel safe and loved by noticing them.

These animations have been co-designed by the Intensive Family Support Team, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, the Parents under Pressure program developers based at Griffith University, Healing Circle Psychology, Darwin and italk Studios, Alice Springs.

They have been produced in English, Eastern Arrernte and Pitjantjatjarra.