Autism Spectrum

italk studios worked with Positive Partnerships, an Australian Government initiative that supports school-aged children on the autism spectrum, to develop a short animation video series. Finding out about Kevin introduces you to a family that learns their child is on the spectrum. Understanding Kevin explores the family’s journey in embracing the diagnosis and working with the school in the use … Read More

I’m a Ninja, Meningococcal!

Meningococcal. Me-ning-o-coc-cal. A five syllable word! Very hard for anyone to say, especially when English isn’t your first language. So what do you do for a story about Meningococcal? Sounds like Ninja!! I’m a Ninja, I’m a Ninja.. Coccal! I can kill ya real quick. No one wants this fella paying them a visit! Aimed at young people living in … Read More