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Production & Training

italk Studios turns any information into animation! We communicate our client’s messages with clear, engaging video productions. 

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Video Production

Content Development

We work with you and your team to find the best way to communicate your message. We identify appropriate animation styles and delivery methods to make sure your message reaches your audience.


Your content is transformed into a script or song lyric. We make sure it’s clear and engaging. Professional terms and jargon are changed to plain English, and compelling narratives are developed.


Characters, settings, and storyboards are designed and approved. We tailor the visual elements to match the key points of your story or song, then make them move!

Voice Recording


Your story is initially recorded in English, though it can be translated and recorded in as many languages as you want.

We work with the Aboriginal Interpreter Service as well as fluent Indigenous language speakers for Aboriginal languages. For international languages, we work with the SBS.

Edit & Delivery


We put all these elements together, then deliver them to you in any format you need.

We can produce content for websites and mobile devices, TV or radio broadcasts, social media platforms, and more!

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Hello there


Working in partnership with the Northern Territory Department of Correctional Services, italk Studios runs an intensive industry training course at the Alice Springs Corrections Centre. This training course is using italk Studios' methodology and software to train inmates in media production.

Our program can be tailored to groups and individuals of any age group and any cultural background.

“It makes me want to keep learning. I want to get more experience. I’ve learnt some but I want to learn more.”

Christopher Riley

“I really liked it. Doing italk and using computers, telling stories taking photos and talking about how you feel. It’s good to learn, then have a break and a cup of tea and then learn more with mister Pirate.”

Clancy Ryan

“I can show my grandson what I learned in here… I’m happy to share my story I made with people. I might get my grandson a computer and show him how to use it properly.”

Colin Young