Magic Wednesday

I have a magic moment every week; Magic Wednesday. Every Wednesday is Magic Wednesday. It has been for years.

On Magic Wednesday I tell myself that I can do whatever I want. From the outside, the day may look like any other. I still work, shop, cook and juggle the stuff of life, but Magic Wednesday always feels different. I think this is because of what I am not doing, as much as with what I am doing. The must do’s, could do’s and should do’s take a back seat, while I take my foot off my accelerator.

italk Studios has some really creative projects this year, which would not have been possible without taking care of ourselves. Without some time during the week for this care of self, things would eventually seize up. These acts and activities that we do because we enjoy them, feed us. They strengthen us and fortify us to get up each day and work through the problems of this world.

Small Pebbles.

One such personal act of joy I would like to share is ‘Fortune Poems’ – a project that animator, Tim Adlide and I have been ‘playing’ with for a while.

Here is a small offering (two short animations, one min each). A couple of small pebbles to gently ripple within the prevailing tides.

Wishing you all a Magic Moment or two of your own and dare I say even a Magic Wednesday!


Director, italk Studios