Autism Spectrum

italk studios worked with Positive Partnerships, an Australian Government initiative that supports school-aged children on the autism spectrum, to develop a short animation video series. Finding out about Kevin introduces you to a family that learns their child is on the spectrum. Understanding Kevin explores the family’s journey in embracing the diagnosis and working with the school in the use … Read More

I’m a Ninja, Meningococcal!

Meningococcal. Me-ning-o-coc-cal. A five syllable word! Very hard for anyone to say, especially when English isn’t your first language. So what do you do for a story about Meningococcal? Sounds like Ninja!! I’m a Ninja, I’m a Ninja.. Coccal! I can kill ya real quick. No one wants this fella paying them a visit! Aimed at young people living in … Read More

Listening With A Pitjantjatjara Accent

I cannot start this writing in the middle as I cannot start at the end. I am writing in English, so I will start at the beginning because that’s where we start things. In the beginning of this story, I was sitting with Kumanjayi Baker at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music, Elder Conservatorium, Adelaide University. It was just … Read More

Learning How Not To Think

Often people ask me how italk Studios started. I believe it started when I was about five years old. The very first day of school my mother put my new glasses on my head and said ‘Don’t forget your glasses.’ I had not forgotten my glasses. I hated my glasses!   As soon as I left the house and walked around … Read More

Magic Wednesday

I have a magic moment every week; Magic Wednesday. Every Wednesday is Magic Wednesday. It has been for years. On Magic Wednesday I tell myself that I can do whatever I want. From the outside, the day may look like any other. I still work, shop, cook and juggle the stuff of life, but Magic Wednesday always feels different. I think … Read More

Tis the season!

We’re taking a wee break to recharge from Monday 20th December to Sunday 2nd January.  The italk Studios team wishes you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a splendid New Year. Farewell 2021. Look forward to seeing you in 2022 like a lizard with a full belly, relaxing in the sun!  Image: Santa’s Beardie! by Pierre Bamin

Parents under Pressure

Children need to feel safe and loved by those around them. Parents, family and community can make this happen. But sometimes things get in the way when parents feel under pressure. Sometimes adults forget their children need to be noticed.  Family arguments can leave people feeling angry and upset. This can leave children feeling unsafe and alone, even though their … Read More

Old Ways Are Strong: Sharing Knowledge for a Strong Future

italk Studios, in partnership with the Tangentyere Family Violence Prevention Program, is very excited to announce the completion of our newest project: Old Ways Are Strong: Sharing Knowledge for a Strong Future Together we have created eight animations about the strengths of Aboriginal culture and the equal roles of women and men in Aboriginal culture. See them all on the … Read More

Hospital Stories – Helping Educate & Inform

In 2020, italk worked with staff from the Central Adelaide Local Health Network, Royal Adelaide Hospital, to develop educational materials to explain the medical processes and procedures involved in cancer and cardiology treatments. The stories give patients the information they need to think about and discuss procedures with family and give informed consent before treatments take place. Cancer Stories is … Read More

We Can Be Buffel Free

‘We Can Be Buffel Free’ looks at the devastating effects buffel grass has on native flora and fauna and the things community members can do to help become buffel free! Buffel grass makes it harder to hunt. Walks are more difficult and it’s harder to track animals. It’s making hotter fires that are damaging country and communities. But there’s lots … Read More