Our Production Process – Project Highlight ‘Talk Up’

Thanks to the huge success of our ‘Be Crocwise’ production italk Studios was approached by the Northern Territory Health & Community Services Complaints Commission (HCSCC). They loved the light and catchy feel of our videos, that made a vital message clear and accessible to many.

‘Talk Up’ educates people with disabilities on their rights to complain if a carer is mistreating them. The message can be complicated for those who are not familiar with their rights. Our production had to encompass the definition of being mistreated or neglected while also educating on how to tell someone and ‘talk up’. People needed to understand first, what mistreatment looked like and second, what a complaint was and how to make one. We were tasked to make a video that explained these two ideas while being easy to understand and relatable with a light and catchy feel. A challenging task, no doubt!!

To get started Kamahi Djordon King wrote the music and collaborated with Michael Roseth on the song lyrics that covered all the information we needed to convey. It was then necessary to consult with our potential audience. After creating the lyrics and a short draft of the animation, a local aboriginal consultant took the lyrics, and a short animatic, on a road trip around the Territory visiting communities. They consulted with individuals who are living with disabilities to gather their feedback on our work so far. This fundamental insight gave us the ability to create something that was relevant, relatable and accessible to all. We were able to refine lyrics, ensuring all messages were communicated appropriately.

While the messages are communicated clearly through the song and animation we also wanted to reinforce the messages with a narrated part after the song. This narrated part is produced in six language versions, ensuring that the messages are heard by the target audiences in their first languages.

The production process was great fun. We decided upon two female singers to help us create a catchy, memorable song. After recording the music and song, it is worked on by a sound engineer to obtain the best sound possible. The song was produced in an English and Kriol version.

For the visual side, we worked through a clear development process that included: character development, storyboarding, Illustrations and animation. Importantly, during each of these stages, we gathered and responded to our client’s feedback.

Throughout the entire process the italk Studios team were always determined to evaluate each step; asking the highly important question, will this be effective? By continually challenging our ideas we ensured that this video delivered the important messages it needed too.

When all is approved, our last step is to communicate the same video in multiple languages. Thanks to our detailed consultations and evaluation, this step is relatively straight-forward. The English version of our productions always remembers that it needs to be just as understandable in any other language. We engaged the Aboriginal Interpreter Service to help us to record the language versions and ensure that no message is lost in translation. The language versions are: Arrernte, Kriol, Murrinh-Patha, Pitjatjantjara, Warlpiri, Yolngu Matha.


Every step in our process is a highly important one. No stone goes unturned when we are solving the important question; how do we communicate this particular message across multiple languages? Thanks to years of experience, we deliver excellent results. The team at HCSCC have been very pleased with the outcomes this video has lead to, and we are over the moon to have helped.

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