Keeping people safe through Wet Season

The Northern Territory experiences great weather extremes. As we move into the Top End Wet Season, we become acutely aware of the real threat of severe flooding. The huge impact of flooding is still very raw in the memories of locals; Daly River has been evacuated twice over the last three years with floodwaters consuming the community.


Floodwater can be unassuming, but incredibly dangerous. Too often, people are tempted to cross the water rather than wait for floodwaters to subside. River crossings that swell can be deceptive, with little indicators to show how strong the powerful current is. Those that attempt to cross are at risk of getting swept away and put into incredible danger; not only from the damaging force but, in the Top End, also from the looming threat of nearby crocodiles.


The Northern Territory Emergency Service do a fantastic job at trying to keep people safe around floodwaters. Teams of volunteers are always on-hand to provide rescue when an emergency call is made. The Emergency Service team also focus on prevention – educating the community on the real risks they put themselves in when attempting to cross floodwaters. This goal of prevention through education prompted the formation of a partnership between italk Studios and the NT Emergency Service.


NT Emergency Service identified a need for communication of their important message into remote Aboriginal communities. They understood from the project’s inception that this message would have to resonate with people who lived in remote areas, where communities were more susceptible to flooding.


Thanks to our previous projects with NT Government, NT Emergency Service knew italk Studios are the experts in communicating to a wide variety of people from multiple language backgrounds. Following the success of the Be Crocwise campaign, NTES wanted to use song, music, colour and humour to bring the messages to life. It was fantastic to work with a client that was so acutely aware of the need to communicate messages in a way that is accessible to all.



The Floodwater safety video tells the stories of people who take risks with flooded crossings, showing the risks and damage it can cause. It uses a memorable song and catchy chorus to ensure important facts are easy to recall in a floodwater situation. The song and animation is followed by a narrated part that reinforces the important safety messages. This narrated part is spoken is several Aboriginal languages and comes in these language versions:


Arrernte | Kriol | Kunwinjku | Murrinh-Patha | Warlpiri | Yolngu Matha|


italk Studios also produced short versions of the song/animation for TVC.

The resource is being used on NTES outreach education programs, published on websites and social media, aired on TV, Imparja and NITV and radio.

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