Worry Boss- A Story of Anxiety. 

Anxiety is common in our communities. As common as our lack of understanding around it. In 2016 the Royal Flying Doctor Service initiated an education program in Central Australian communities about the damaging effects of mental health, particularly anxiety. They approached us with a distinct need for our expertise in communicating [...]

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Our Production Process – Project Highlight ‘Talk Up’

Thanks to the huge success of our ‘Be Crocwise’ production italk Studios was approached by the Northern Territory Health & Community Services Complaints Commission (HCSCC). They loved the light and catchy feel of our videos, that made a vital message clear and accessible to many. ‘Talk Up’ educates people with disabilities [...]

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italk Media Production Training at the Alice Springs Correctional Centre

italk Media Production Training at the Alice Springs Correctional Centre  I’m better at computers now. I could help kids and friends with computers. I learnt about computers and English and typing. I might get my grandson a computer and show him how to use it properly. It kept me occupied. I learned [...]

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