Informed Consent

Informed Consent 2019-01-22T16:17:03+09:30

Animated Explainer video for Northern Territory Primary Health Network

This animated explainer video helps you to understand what informed consent means. Click on the language links below to watch in your first language.

‘I was so excited to find the video about informed consent spoken in Alyawarr and Anmatyerr because there are no other resources like this out there. I am a full time remote Northern Territory high school teacher who is obtaining ethical clearances to conduct a masters research project. As part of the ethical clearance, I am required to obtain informed consent from student and staff participants from the Alyawarr and Anmatyerrr speaking community.
The italk video explains the Western concept of obtaining informed consent in a way that is culturally appropriate and provides a succinct and clear explanation of informed consent in a culturally safe way.’
Nicole Boyd, NT High School Teacher and Masters Student QUT

‘With the availability of increasingly complex options in health care and a sustained national focus on health reform and the patient experience, Northern Territory Primary Health Network identified a health literacy gap in our communities’ understanding of  ‘informed consent.’ The italk team was thorough and thoughtful in their approach as we collaborated to create a meaningful understanding of informed consent including translation into multiple Aboriginal languages. With a new focus on Health Literacy at NT PHN we look forward to an ongoing partnership with italk to ensure an inclusive and equitable approach to our engagement with communities across the NT.’

Tamsin Cockayne , Exec Manager, Improvement and Integration, NT Primary Health Network