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Unbelievably, one in four Australians suffers from two (yes, two) long-term or complex chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. It’s a worrying statistic, but the creation of Health Care Homes has at least meant these people can now receive all their health care in one place. Patients get a committed care team and specified care plan – making sure their needs are put first. It may sound like a simple idea, yet before this initiative, patients would have to deal with various parts of the health care system which often failed to communicate with one another. Result? Uncoordinated care and much frustration for people. It’s a great new initiative, and the government created an excellent video to tell people all about it.


The Problem

The only issue was … the video didn’t get this important message out to Aboriginal communities. Many community members in the NT who suffer from chronic illnesses would benefit immensely from using Health Care Homes. Unfortunately, with limited English, this video portrayed a message they couldn’t understand. The result meant an increased risk of them being inadvertently excluded from the initiative.


italk Studios involvement

Here is where italk Studios were able to step in. Our local production company has years of experience turning important messages into visually stimulating stories, and most importantly, making them accessible and engaging for the target audience. For this project, we were contracted by the NT Primary Health Network to produce animated stories for the remote communities that are participating in the Health Care Homes trial. First, we produced the English version of the story. Then using qualified interpreters, we produced Aboriginal language versions in eight languages: Anmatyerre, Alyawarr, Arrernte, East Side Kriol, West Side Kriol, Pitjatjantjara, Warlpiri and Yolngu Matha

As the leading expert in cross-cultural communication, we are always thinking about how to make our content engaging. For this project italk studios pioneered the use of lip-syncing software, enabling us to create animated characters who talk to their audience. In each of the eight language version,s the characters talk to their audience in their first language. This education resource is sure to communicate far more effectively than the initial explainer video Health Care Homes were relying upon.


Embracing our differences

The journey of our involvement in this cross-cultural video reminds us that we all learn in different ways; especially when we have grown up in different cultures. In a world of social media dominance and growing distractions, short story videos are key to how we learn visually. So much visual communication today only targets those who speak English and misses getting the message out to a diverse audience. This area is one of our specialities, check out our online library for more projects just like this.

italk Studios produced our resource about Health Care Homes and Informed Consent to such a high level of quality – we are already hearing great feedback around it. Thank you very much for this fantastic work.’

Dr Tasmin Cockayne, Executive Manager, Improvement and Integration, NT Primary Health Network
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