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Do you need to communicate important messages to an audience whose first language is not English?

Do you need to communicate important messages to an audience whose first language is not English?

Do you work with people whose first language is not English?

Could you use an education resource that engages your target audience and speaks their first language?

Not sure about how to make such an education resource?

Talk to italk Studios about one of our Explainer Videos.

italk Studios is a production company that specialises in creating educational animations and digital stories that communicate important social messages. We are experts at producing resources that succeed in communicating sensitive information across cultural and language barriers.

Our Explainer Videos are short videos that convey information through narration and animations. Any information that can be written down can be communicated through voice and pictures.

While there are production companies that produce videos, the resources made are usually generic and are aimed at an English speaking audience. An audience from a non-English speaking background may not identify with generic visuals and characters. These videos often use jargon and terms that your audience may not understand. Quite likely the video will assume prior knowledge and your audience will be lost from the beginning.

italk Studios approaches Explainer Videos from a culturally sensitive space. We think about how your audience will receive and understand the information. We create visuals that will be identifiable to your target audience. We develop a script in plain English that removes all jargon but does not lose any content integrity. And most importantly, if you require, we produce versions of the Explainer Video that are spoken in the first language(s) of the target audience.

italk Studios has recently produced such an Explainer video about Informed Consent.

Informed Consent was produced for the NT Primary Health Network (NTPHN), who had a need to communicate the meaning of informed consent to Aboriginal communities across the NT. We produced a two minute animated Explainer Video spoken in plain English and then worked with Aboriginal interpreters to produce 8 language versions of the video.


The NTPHN uses these videos during community visits when they need to engage and educate community members about projects that require their informed consent.

And through social media the video is being found and used by other people:

‘I was so excited to find the video about informed consent spoken in Alyawarr and Anmatyerr because there are no other resources like this out there. I am a full time remote Northern Territory high school teacher who is obtaining ethical clearances to conduct a masters research project. As part of the ethical clearance, I am required to obtain informed consent from student and staff participants from the Alyawarr and Anmatyerrr speaking community.

The italk video explains the Western concept of obtaining informed consent in a way that is culturally appropriate and provides a succinct and clear explanation of informed consent in a culturally safe way.’

Nicole Boyd, NT High School Teacher and Masters Student QUT

italk Studio Explainer Videos are a cost effective way to make an education resource that will help you with your communication needs. Costs can range between $5,000 – $15,000, depending on the scope of information to be communicated and the number of language versions to be produced.

Talk to us to find out more. We’d love to help you with your communication needs.

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