Educational Animation

Do you need to communicate important messages about a sensitive subject?

italk Studios’ latest production Elvis’s Story is an Educational Animation in which we tackle sensitive subject matter through the art of storytelling.

Elvis’s Story was produced for Danila Dilba Health Service to communicate issues around child neglect, child protection and the role of Territory Families.

Story Telling

When Danila Dilba approached us to help them with their communication needs around child protection we proposed to produce three animated videos that would communicate all the information through story form.

The story is narrated by the elder Uncle Max. It follows the plight of Elvis who is living with child neglect and taken into protection by Territory Families.

The story touches on the impact of generational violence to help inform the target audience about child neglect. It offers direction and advice for those whose children have been taken into child protection; they can get support from family and community, see a lawyer, and stay engaged with Territory Families.

italk Studios tackled this sensitive subject matter by working closely with the Danila Dilba team, which included Aboriginal people and former Territory Family workers.

Educational Animation

Animation is a powerful medium. It can communicate messages across an infinite range of subjects employing countless diverse visual styles.

Have a browse through the italk Library to see the many different ways animation can communicate and educate!

Because our latest production for Danila Dilba covers serious and sensitive issues we employed a visual style that is fairly realistic in order to elicit the range of emotions that are in the story. This helps the target audience engage and empathise with the narrative and characters. We used the latest lip syncing software to help give a sense that the narrator is really talking to the audience.

The production is brought together by a compelling music and sound track originally composed by italk Studios.Click edit button to change this text.

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