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Work from the italk Media Training Program at Alice Springs Correctional Centre – Northern Territory Government Correctional Services

italk Studios in partnership with the Northern Territory Government Correctional Services have set up an industry training course at the Alice Springs Correctional Centre. This training course uses italk methodology and software to train inmates in multimedia production. The course runs in two production streams: Workplace Training Videos and Personal Stories

Workplace Training Videos
Information about life in goal is turned into short films spoken in English, and in Central Australian Aboriginal languages.

A story about personal growth in the context of incarceration.
Arrernte | Luritja

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italk Media Training starts where people are strong - strong in speaking their language; strong in making pictures; strong in telling stories
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Road Safety

Induction Manual

Food Safety

Workplace Health & Safety

What the Trainees are saying about the italk Media Production Training:

Robert Malbunka

italk has helped me to tell my story and learn about computers. I want to teach others what we learned and what we’re doing. I’d like to do the course again.

Colin Young

It’s been good. I enjoyed watching and learning. Creating my story was good fun. I’m a little bit better with computers. Some countrymen ask me what we do in italk. I tell them if you’re not happy to share your story that’s up to you. If you are happy to share, you’re alright. I’m happy to share my story here in italk. I can show my grandson what I learned in here about computers and English and music and typing. I might get my grandson a computer and show him how to use it properly.

Gabriel Parerloutja.

It’s been good. I learnt a bit about computers. It was good telling my story. I’m happy to share my story about when I was young playing football. I’m better at computers now. I could help kids and friends with computers. I learned a little bit of English.

Eugineo Alice

It’s been cool. Telling stories, it’s funny. Getting people listening and on TV. I can share it with friends. Telling people italk is good, you make your own picture. Sharing stories with family. Sharing my movie, getting other peoples ideas. Telling them to make your own story. When I go to the library I can use the computer now. I’d tell them it’s good to tell your story, make jokes. You’ll get really excited.

Clancy Ryan

It’s been good, I really liked it. Doing italk and using computers, telling stories taking photos and talking about how you feel. It’s good to learn, then have a break and a cup of tea and then learn more with mister Pirate. It makes me really happy. It open’s my heart. I feel free here out of the block. It’s a comfortable place. We all help each other in italk. We treat each other good. I help them and they help me. We help Pirate too and he helps us.

Christopher Riley.

It makes me want to keep learning. I want to get more experience. I’ve learnt some but I want to learn more. If I had more time I’d learn more. It gives me ideas. I want to make more things on my daughters laptop and teach them. I’d like to teach my children how to use a computer properly. Give them more experience. I always tell my family what I’ve been learning. I’ll show them the story I made so they listen and get ideas.

Norbet Morris.

It helped me learn more skills, learning more about story telling and movies. I already know of media, I can teach others to learn skills, to learn technology. I’ll tell them stories, teach them to make movies and story telling.

Lindon Kunoth

It kept me occupied and out of the block. I learned a little bit about recording and stuff. I learned keyboard shortcuts which will be helpful.