Why choose animation for your message?

Are you looking for a new level of engagement with your audience?

A way to reach them that they enjoy and want to share?

There are lots of options for communicating your important message to your audience. Advances in digital media technology are constantly changing the ways we create and distribute information. Here at italk Studios, we believe animation is the best way to get your message heard.

What may have been an informational pamphlet is now a short explainer animation.

What may have been a training manual is now an engaging visual journey.

What may have been a face-to-face message can now be delivered by a talking character that speaks any language.

In the past, animation was more expensive and time-consuming than live action productions.

It took a lot of artists and a lot of time. Today the means of production are right here on the desktop. It still takes artistry and time, but the power of modern software and computers can allow a small team to create what once took a large studio.

Animation has many advantages over live action or text.

It allows for more creative communication.

It has amazing powers of simplification and exaggeration. Caricatures can display or subvert stereotypes, and sensitive topics can be treated with tenderness and sincerity.

Content that is culturally sensitive, awkward, taboo, or violent can be addressed in ways that are not possible with real actors and video.

An animated character can be free of gender, age, and ethnicity. Or they can be very specific to any of these. They can be totally human or completely abstracted. Take a look at the animation we made with Holyoake for a great example of abstracted characters.

An animated ambassador or mascot can give your message a reach and longevity far beyond the traditional information campaign.

There is a way to do something for every budget.

Could your message benefit from an on screen ambassador that speaks any language?

Or an eye (and ear) catching music video with your own dance moves.

Or is the dramatic personal story that touches the heart strings, more appropriate for your message.

Maybe you just want your logo to dance!

Talk to italk Studios.

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