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Educational Animation and E-Learning for Positive Partnerships, Autism Spectrum Australia

These stories raise awareness of autism. They have been developed in consultation with Aboriginal, and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities, educators and autism experts. They present an imaginative insight into the family experience of living with a child with autism.

They have been made for Positive Partnerships, an initiative funded by the Australian Government to help families, schools and communities of school-age children with autism spectrum disorder. For more information visit

Arabic | Cantonese | Greek | Hindi | Korean| Mandarin | Nepali| Thai | Turkish | Vietnamese

Travel with a migrant family as they learn about their son who has autism.

The Positive Behaviour Support Template helps parents and teachers work with challenging behaviours of young people on the Autism Spectrum.  Animated stories and video imbedded within the online  “PBS Template” introduce and explain the learning modules. Visit the Positive Partnership website to do the online learning module.

A personal account of an Aboriginal mother and child, by J.N. French.

An Aboriginal families young son, Kevin, is diagnosed with autism.

Kevin’s Aboriginal family learn how to understand and manage autism.

“We made a suite of videos about Autism. One story had seven different language versions. Working with italk was so easy. They really guided us through the process, and helped us understand exactly what messages we wanted to communicate. Most importantly, the videos have real impact.”
Lee Casuscelli (National Manager), Positive Partnerships - Autism Spectrum Australia