Alcohol & Other Drugs

Alcohol & Other Drugs 2019-04-10T16:51:07+09:30

Educational Animations for Holyoake

Do your kids know the dangers of Alcohol? Drugs? Gambling? Smoking?
Want to talk to them about it, but feeling a bit awkward?
Watching these videos together might help.
If you think there is a problem you can contact Holyoake Alice Springs (08) 89525899.
Holyoake enables positive change for individuals, families, and communities affected by alcohol, drugs, and related issues.
Holyoake’s Young People’s Program is delivered in schools  around Alice Springs to teach youth about alcohol, drugs, gambling, and addiction.
Together, italk Studios and Holyoake created six innovative animations for the Young People’s Program. These animations cover Choice, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Smoking and Sniffing. 
Created by Christopher Brocklebank, Kelly-Lee Hickey, and Tim Adlide for italk Studios, with Judy Eckermann & Cara Ward from Holyoake
Thanks to Matt Virgona for music in Sniffing,” and to Cooperblack for music in Drugs

Digital Story for Northern Territory Department of Health

Alyawarr | Arrernte | Burarra | Kriol | Kunwinjku | Murrinh-Patha | Warlpiri | Warumungu | Yolngu Matha

This story is about four friends who experiment with petrol sniffing, and how the ‘sniffing nurse’ can help families and communities. Made in collaboration with the Volatile Substance Abuse team at the NT Department of Health.