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italk Studios Services include:

  • Story and script development
  • Storyboards
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Video production
  • App production
  • Web and mobile publication
  • Print – comics and pamphlets
  • Multimedia Training
  • Music composition and production
Educational videos


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iTalk Training


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We turn your message into a dynamic illustrated and animated story – in any number of languages you want.

In this age of shortening attention spans, short animated ‘story videos’ are the answer. And, in this society of multiculturalism, having a choice of language puts your message at the top of many minds.

We can also engage your community and target audience in the message-making process:

  • developing the script
  • narrating the story
  • creating storyboards
  • animation and illustration styles and ideas

Imagine your message in colour, movement AND multiple languages. A clear, powerful message that’s understood and inspires true engagement.

italk Studio’s 8-Step production process:

“We made a suite of videos about Autism. One story had seven
different language versions. Working with italk Studios was so easy.
They really guided us through the process and helped us
understand exactly what messages we wanted to communicate.
Most importantly, the videos have real impact.”
Lee Casuscelli, National Manager, Positive Partnerships, Autism Spectrum Australia
“We’ve produced a number of videos and stories with italk Studios over several years. Amity use them as gambling education resources – and they’ve had a remarkable life of their own as many organisations and individuals watch them to help understand and work with issues of problem gambling. Amity and italk have collaborated to produce a diverse range of videos and stories over many years. Amity use them as gambling education resources – and notice they’ve had a remarkable life of their own as organisations and individuals tell us they watch them to assist in understanding and working with issues surrounding gambling.”
Nicola Coalter, Deputy Executive Officer, Amity Community Services Inc.
“It was italk Studios brilliant idea to produce a resource that uses humour
and song as a way to communicate crocodile safety awareness messages.
The Kriol version of the song went viral. And they produced the spoken
messages in five Aboriginal languages. So the Be Crocwise safety messages
had impact across our Top End remote communities and beyond.”
Mark Crummy, Director of Tourism and Visitor Engagement, The Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory


Hire one of our trainers (or hire us to train your trainer) so your group can make their own audio/visual ebooks on our italk Bilingual Stories app. Why? Because creating your own Audio Visual eBook as a training group will enhance:

  • Connection
    Bringing groups together on common issues
  • Creativity
    Increasing willing participation through creative processes
  • IT Skills
    Developing digital technology skill capability
  • Pro-activity
    Shifting participants’ focus from their problems to proactive, positive story-making for others
  • Articulation
    Empowering individuals through clear, articulated message development
  • Language development
    Expanding cultural access by recording an audio narrative in English and another languages
  • Public access
    Growing self-esteem through digital publication of their av ebooks through the iTalk app
  • Future focus
    Giving capacity for future story development using the app on their own
iTalk Training
iTalk Training


The format to training is flexible, dependent on your need and the capacity of the training participants. Key modules to incorporate the italk audio visual e-book platform include:

  1. Messages: Articulate a key problem, helpful solution(s), desired outcomes
  2. Story-making: Folklore and traditional stories or integrate problem-solution into a simple plot
  3. Story-boards: Feed problem/solution story into a storyboard
  4. Image style: Create images most likely to appeal to who will benefit from message
  5. Narration/Dialogue: Write what will be spoken into the ipad/computer microphone – one language or many
  6. Audio recording: Learn how to tell the story in a clear and engaging voice
  7. Launching and sharing: Upload the av ebook on the iTalk app and share with others


Already have a trainer and would like to use the app in their next session? No problem. Hire one of our italk Studios team to take your trainer (or trainers) through the italk audio visual e-book platform so they can be confident taking this technology into the room and inspiring the participants with this unique story-telling digital technology.

italk Media Production Training at the Alice Springs Corrections Centre

italk Studios in partnership with the Northern Territory Department of Correctional Services have set up an industry training course at the Alice Springs Corrections Centre. This training course is using italk Studios methodology and software to train inmates in media production.
I can show my grandson what I learned in here about computers and English and music and typing. I’m happy to share my story I made with people. I might get my grandson a computer and show him how to use it properly.
Colin Young
It’s been good. I learnt a bit about computers. It was good telling my story. I’m happy to share my story about when I was young playing football.
Gabriel Parerloutja
It’s been good, I really liked it. Doing italk and using computers, telling stories taking photos and talking about how you feel. It’s good to learn, then have a break and a cup of tea and then learn more with mister Pirate.
Clancy Ryan
It makes me want to keep learning. I want to get more experience.
I’ve learnt some but I want to learn more.
Christopher Riley

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