Empowered Communities

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Client- NPY Empowered Communities

“These films tell a story about Empowered Communities. This story says that we (Anangu) are stronger when we work together; Empowered Communities is about all Anangu being united, and working together with Government and Service Provider on one plan for the future – agreed by all. These stories are also about local decision making; Aboriginal people need to lead the development and delivery of local solutions for local problems. This is how we will become empowered communities.”

Pitjantjatjara | Ngaanyatjarra

This animation shows how Anangu people are  working together to travel with one voice. It shows how Anangu  people are  applying and combining traditional knowledge and ‘Western’ knowledge  to the challenges of today.

Pitjantjatjara | Ngaanyatjarra

This animation shows the recent history of Anangu  people. It introduces core Anangu concepts for living. It shows the impact of ‘White Settlement’ from Anangu eyes  and the continued resilience and strength of Anangu people.