Crocodile Safety

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Client – NT Parks & Wildlife Commission

Crocodiles are deadly! Crocodiles safety awareness video created for Northern Territory Parks & Wildlife.

Crocodiles are deadly! Sung and spoken in Kriol.

Narrated in Anindilyakwa | Narrated in Kriol | Narrated in Murrinh-Patha | Narrated in Tiwi | Narrated in Yolgu Matha

Crocodile populations are growing. What was safe to swim the other week might not be safe today.

Be Crocwise – G rated for schools – this version is sans head chomp!

Be Crocwise – G rated for TVC – this version is sans head chomp!

“It was italk’s brilliant idea to produce a resource that uses humour and song as a way to communicate crocodile safety awareness messages. The Kriol version of the song went viral. And they produced the spoken messages in five Aboriginal languages. So the Be Crocwise safety messages had impact across our Top End remote communities and beyond.”
Mark Crummy (Director of Tourism and Visitor Engagement), The Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory