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italk Studios are a media production and training company based in the Northern Territory. The company was founded by Christopher Brocklebank after identifying the need for resources and educational tools that communicate using pictures and speech, spoken in simple English and in first languages.
italk Studios have produced numerous education, training, community and social marketing resources over 20 years, in the Northern Territory and across Australia. We use illustrated stories, videos, animation, music and song to communicate important messages for our clients.
Most of our productions are hosted as videos here on this website in the italk Library, where they are accessed for free by individuals and organisations.
Christopher Brocklebank
Christopher BrocklebankDirector + Project Coordinator & Script Writer
Christopher founded italk Studios 20 years ago when he identified the urgent need for educational resources that represent information in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways. Combining the strength of traditional story telling with the innovation of digital technology, Christopher has a unique ability to get inside the message from a personal and cultural perspective.

It is Christopher’s vision to create a free depository – or library – of educational stories that overcome literacy barriers, enabling free access to important information. All the stories created by the italk Studios team over the years are now freely available at the italk Library and YouTube Channel.

Christopher has a background in drama and ethnomusicology. He’s also a talented musician, composer, storyteller and performer.

Michael Roseth
Michael RosethStudio Manager, Multi-Media Manager, Illustration, Music Composition
Michael has over 20 years experience in the field of visual and cross cultural communication. He has been working in the field of multimedia educational resource production for several years.

Michael brings a keen eye and a diverse range of skills to the table, and has an ability to get inside the story and innovate visual languages that animate the narrative.

Michael has a background in visual arts including a Master of Fine Arts degree. You can see his visual art work at michaelroseth.net. He is also also a musician and has been known to compose a tune or two for italk Studio productions.

MK Turner
MK TurnerCultural Consultant
MK Turner was born in Harts Range and moved to Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte) in her youth. She was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in recognition of her services to the community and her considerable contribution to the sharing of Arrernte knowledge with both indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

MK has worked with italk Studios on numerous stories such as, “Keeping Strong; Healing from Depression” (Arrernte and English) for beyondblue and, “Everything Comes From the Land”, an interactive DVD illustrating Arrernte understandings of relationship to land. MK is a major cultural consultant for italk Studios and Arrernte mentor Christopher and other staff.

MK is a painter and writer. Her most recent book, Iwenhe Tyerrtye; ‘What it means to be an aboriginal person’, published by IAD Press, shares knowledge so that the, “two cultures can hold each other”.

Tim Adlide
Tim AdlideAnimator + Media Creative & Technician
Tim has been making and teaching animation for over three decades. Hailing from the days of pencils, plasticine and film, these textured techniques inform his mastery of the digital realm in a special way.

Visual storytelling through character-driven animation is Tim’s speciality and passion. He is a capable and varied designer – yet also happy to work with other artists to bring their visual expressions to life.

Tim has created two ABC Children’s series Lizzie’s Library and Kitu and Woofl, and has been included in two SBS showcases of Australian animation: Swimming Outside the Flags and Home Movies. Tim has taught animation through many organisations – from UTS and NIDA in Sydney to primary schools in remote Northern Territory.

These days Tim is most happy applying his experience in screen drama and advertising to creating positive social outcomes. His hobbies include: landscape painting, playing music, woodwork and on-line karaoke.

Else Kennedy
Else KennedyProject Manager
Else makes short films and educational resources for italk Studios. She has a Master of Communications from Griffith University and has completed film courses at UNSW College of Fine Arts and Melbourne University.

Else has been the driving force behind the Western Arrarnta skin name and plant apps.

Before working with italk Studios, Else worked produced short videos for clients including NT Medicare Local, Bachelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, Alice Pride and others.

Pirate is the italk Studios industry trainer, based at the Alice Springs Correctional Centre. He has over a decade of experience in film, TV and multimedia production and training. Past employment has seen Pirate working with ICTV, NITV, CAAMA Productions, NPY, and Tangentyere Council.

Outside of italk Studios, he runs local record label The Black Wreath, organises events, and performs regularly.

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